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Connected Vehicle Outlook: Pinning Jell-O to the Wall


DATE: March 27th, 2019
TIME: noon Central / 1:00 pm Eastern
GUEST PANELISTS: Nick Hegemier (DriveOhio), Jerry Quandt (Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association)
Scott Lee (TranSmart/EJM; ITS Midwest)
WEB LINK: https://www.uberconference.com/slee0006
DIAL-IN: 630-358-9955
PIN: No PIN Needed.

The Connected and Autonomous Vehicles industry is here. It’s exciting. It involves everyone. This webinar will focus on:

  1. The Public and Private Sector opportunities considering test beds and pilot programs.
  2. How to consider the industry opportunities and gaps, and
  3. Near-term outlook.

Guest Panelists:

Nick Hegemier

Nick Hegemier,
Photo Credit: DriveOhio

Nick Hegemier, P.E. is the Managing Director – Infrastructure / Vehicle Deployment at DriveOhio. DriveOhio is an initiative within the Ohio Department of Transportation that aims to organize and accelerate smart vehicle and connected vehicle projects in the State of Ohio. Nick is an experienced ITS Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the civil engineering industry. Skilled in Traffic Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Highways, Government, and Urban Planning. [Source: N. Hegemier's LinkedIn profile]

erry Quandt

Jerry Quandt,
Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association
Photo Credit: ILAVA

Jerry Quandt is the Executive Director of the Illinois Autonomous Vehicles Association (ILAVA). The Association is a privately funded, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of autonomous vehicle technologies within the State of Illinois. The organization's focus is to establish Illinois as the leader in the development, design, and application of the system-of-systems that will transform mobility as we know it. Jerry has worked most of his career in marketing and business transformation in a variety of verticles. Jerry's passion is to continue to create consumer-centric solutions leveraging bleeding-edge technologies to increase people's quality of life. [Source: J. Quandt's LinkedIn profile]


Scott Lee

Scott Lee, ITS Midwest & TranSmart/EJM
Photo Credit: S. Lee

Scott Lee, P.E. is Secretary-President Elect of ITS Midwest and Chief Engineer of Innovation and Technology at Transmart/EJM. TranSmart is a group of knowledgeable and creative professionals (Engineers, Planners, and Specialists), who are skilled in Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering, Information Technology/ Intelligent Transportation Systems and Transportation Facility Studies and Improvement Design.


For further information about the ITS Midwest webinars contact:
Scott Lee, Secretary/President-Elect
Email: secretary@itsmidwest.com

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